Amazing ad shows why Levi Strauss is King of Sustainable Fashion Denim

Levi’s is known for awesome ad spots, and this is another in a long line from the sustainable fashion retailer.


Garment Factory Collapse Ruins Bangladeshi Workers Lives

NPR’s Morning Edition this morning has a heartbreaking story of the little known aftermath of the garment factory collapse.  Several retailers have signed onto new safety regulations but Gap and Walmart have refused: Walmart says it has its own plan but the whole thing is a bit suspicious.

The story focuses on those that survived the crash with injuries, and what’s to become of them.  Take a listen.

In happier news, a new sustainable fashion accessories brand has just launched that donates funds and resources to an all-girls school in Bangladesh.  Read More.

Tech Crunch Announces new Sustainable Fashion startup Zady

Very exciting news: Foodspotting Co-Founder and Georgetown Grad Soraya Darabi is launching a new company called Zady that helps consumers find out where their clothing came from.  Sounds simple, but sustainable fashion is an elusive concept and the more clarity 3rd parties can provide, the better.

The coming soon page is beautiful, we can’t wait for launch!

Read the full announcement on Tech Crunch.

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